A Holistic Christian Education with Global Competence

The right education allows children to find their potential when they are in school and find their calling after school age.
Gloria Christian Bilingual School (GCBS) implements a holistic education that focuses on balanced self-development in character, academic, skills, and physical aspects. This holistic education will bring every child to have global competencies that are needed today and are ready to become significant global citizens who contribute to the welfare of others in this world and glorify God.

The advantages of GCBS
• A solid foundation in Christian faith, character, and values.
• Strong knowledge & competence in technology.
• Good life skills and cross-cultural awareness.

GCBS Core Values

• Godliness
Teach students to maintain a relationship with God to be like Christ in words, thoughts, and behavior so that each person can be the salt and light of the world.
• Life-Long Learning
During school, the learning process is seen by students as a fun and challenging experience, and that knowledge is not limited by time; This is what makes every student a lifelong learner.
• Obedience
Obedience is one of the characters that are not easily formed because of the tendency of the human ego. Gloria Christian School helps students to have the awareness to obey the authority that exists in their lives in the form of rules and people who have authority.
• Responsibilities
By having responsibility, one can be trusted and relied on in the family and community. Above all, taking responsibility for yourself is the foundation of success for everyone.
Gloria Christian School emphasizes the quality of personality that is honest, has moral principles and holds to every student.
• Adaptability
Students get learning to be able to adapt to the environment, culture, and others where they live. By appreciating differences, having the initiative to maintain relationships, understanding the uniqueness of others with positive perceptions, and overcoming shyness or low self-esteem are the points of “adaptability” teaching.


GCBS 4 Pillars of Education

With an education system that is specifically designed and supported by the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach and PBL (Project-Based Learning) strategy, GCBS strives for students to experience meaningful learning.
Christian faith is the basis for the formation of students’ character and is manifested in the form of doing good deeds to all people.
Life Skills
GCBS equips students with complete life skills in today’s modern world in the form of using English as part of a global society, digital skills, leadership, and positive relationships with others.
GCBS pays attention to the physical development of all students which is applied in a healthy lifestyle, both in the form of physical exercise and a healthy diet.

Join and partner with us in creating a meaningful life in the future.

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