Gloria Kid’s Camp is the culmination of a series of spiritual activities for KB-TK. As was held by Gloria Christian Preschool-Kindergarten 2 last May for 2 days In God's Way  this activity was attended by 40 TKB students to get the students ready for elementary school.

activities camp began with an Opening Ceremony in which participants released small birds from their cages. As a symbol, students will learn to live independently and develop their potential "In life, through Peter's story, there are times when we don't follow God and make mistakes. We may also face challenges and obstacles that can cause failuregagalan and suffering However, I hope that that students can learn from PPeter that He never give up and wants to get back up,” said Ms. Lifen, the speaker at Gloria Kid’s Camp and Head of Gloria Christian Preschool-Kindergarten 2

After being spiritually strengthened Kid’s Camp participants were invited to work together through the Cooking Class. Participants get knowledge on how to form effective teamwork, share, and joyfully serve one another. They can also enjoy food made together.

On the second day, the participants came to school enthusiastically. Starting with morning exercises with the teacher and continuing with an outbond on the school field Outbond teaches participants to get to know nature more closely and practice cohesiveness. The committee prepared posts filled with exciting games for the participants to stop by. One of them is like the splashsplash. Participants were asked to remove the ball from the leaky bottle by filling it with water. Without being asked, the participants worked hand in hand with someone to fetch water and someone to close the hole in the bottle so that the water would not spill and the ball could come out. After outbond students enjoyed BBQ that had been prepared together. The students then engaged in activities that were equally engaging. In each group, students and teachers display their talents.

In the closing session, Ms. Lifen reminded students about the story of Timothy. How little Timothy grew up under the care of his grandmother and mother, as well as his spiritual guide, Paul.Through Timothy's story, even though that students still little God must already know that He has plans big for the future. SJust like seperti Timothy little where God finally used Timothy with cara that extraordinarily biasa," said Ms. Lifen. He also reminded students to live an orderly life, study hard, and be diligent in praying and going to church.

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