Defending the country is the awareness and actions of citizens that are implemented because of their love for the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia which is based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. In line with God's word in Jeremiah 29:7 which says: Seek for the welfare of the city where I throw you, and pray for the city to the LORD, for its welfare is your welfare. This Word of God contains a meaning that is in line with the concept of defending the country. Therefore, in accordance with God's word, everyone who works to defend the nation is also serving it. Efforts to defend the country can be done in the family, school, community and state environment. Becoming engaged in the Flag Raising Troop (PASKIBRA) is one of the things a student can do to help defend the nation in the school environment.

Many students at Gloria High School 2 were enthusiastic to join the Paskibra organization. Looking back, Gloria High School's Paskibra began to take shape around 2015 with a total of about 15 students. Paskibra, as an extracurricular activity, places a strong emphasis on character development, including independence, loyalty, integrity, willingness to sacrifice, discipline, and never giving up," said Mr. Robi Dharmawan, S.IP as the PASKIBRA coach.

From year to year, Paskibra at Gloria High School 2 is expanding quickly. Activities related to Paskibra at Gloria High School 2 go beyond those that are just marching or ceremonial and can collaborate with other components, such as the Spiritual Team and Student Council. Paskibra typically lends a hand in events hosted by OSIS, such as competitions for commemorating holidays (Indonesian Independence Day, Youth Pledge, Heroes' Day, etc.). While on the Spiritual Team, Paskibra usually also serves in worship as clergyman, retreats, rural ministries, etc. "The Paskibra also do activities outside of school, such as climbing Mount Penanggungan and Mount Semeru, visiting Mardakaripura Waterfall and Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, and camping together around Lake Ranu Kumbolo," said Mr. Robi.

"Paskibra taught me to have a leadership spirit," said Garrend, a member of PASKIBRA. On the other hand, "Paskibra taught me to be time-disciplined and responsible," Felita said. "Paskibra shaped my character to be a person who is firm, respectful, confident, and does not give up easily," said Stanley. In addition to having a positive influence on members, PASKIBRA also has a positive impact on their environment, especially the school environment. Because indirectly, this extracurricular activity creates a small change among students who are the younger generation and may have been eroded by the currents of modernization. As Pramoedya Ananta Toer said, "Don't underestimate the human being, who seems so simple; let your eyesight be as sharp as an eagle, your mind as sharp as a razor, your touch be more sensitive than the gods, your hearing be able to catch the music and the cries of life; your knowledge of humans will never fade."

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