Gloria Christian High School Teaches Students To Build Tolerance Through Interfaith Studies

Gloria Christian High School Teaches Students To Build Tolerance Through Interfaith Studies


Situs Religi Masjid Sunan Ampe

As a country with very diverse religious backgrounds, Indonesia always faces the threat of conflict. Even today, various acts of intolerance are still rife in many areas. Therefore, Gloria Christian School feels compelled to take part in efforts to build inter-religious tolerance in Indonesia.

An example of an interfaith study carried out by Gloria Christian High School 2 as a form of building tolerance between religions. The interfaith study was attended by 254 grade 11 students, divided into 2 groups who departed on March 29 and 30, 2023. The students were invited to the Sunan Ampel Religious Site for their first visit. Students have a conversation with Asrul Sani as a representative of the Sunan Ampel family. Together with Ustad Yasin Sultan Jawahir as one of the ustads in the Sunan Ampel Mosque environment. This dialogue was facilitated by Ahmad Hamiduddin, a representative from the Anshor Branch Manager (PAC) in Semampir District, Surabaya. Students are invited to have a dialogue with Liem Tiong Yang, one of the administrators of the Boen Bio Temple on their second visit there. This dialogue discusses Buddhist beliefs.

"Through interfaith study activities, it is hoped that Gloria Christian High School 2 students can gain real learning experiences about how to live in tolerance. Understand each other, empathize, and love each other regardless of the differences," said Robi Dharmawan, assistant teacher and PPKN teacher at Gloria Christian High School 2.

He also added that building tolerance is not enough just by transferring knowledge in the classroom. But more than that, it is a learning process that must be experienced directly by students, so that over time it can produce changes in behavior. Long live Indonesia! Soli Deo Gloria!

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