This is The Reason Why Gloria Christian Bilingual School

This is The Reason Why Gloria Christian Bilingual School



“Gloria Christian Bilingual School is a new campus located in Grand Pakuwon residence will start its ministry with the elementary school level.  Gloria Christian Bilingual  School has a mission to provide Christian education and Christian character to young children. These are the foundation to grow in faith and develop vision in life presently and in the future, especially during this fast-paced and changing era,” said Ms. Feby Melinda, Gloria Christian School Curriculum Coordinator.

Ms. Feby Melinda addressed that the prime goal of the new school is to glorify God and bless others through education that uses Global Competence and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) as the approach of teaching and learning activities.

“Technology has developed so much and inseparable from human’s life, including education. Therefore, through the STEAM approach, all subjects will be integrated with technology and children will be able to gain understanding through meaningful learning experiences in the form of projects and hands-on activities.

The education environment is also set to emphasize the language used. Bahasa Indonesia and English will be used in balance. Bahasa  Indonesia is important to preserve as it is our national language and identity as an Indonesian, while English is the global language that will be taught and used in learning.

“As parents, of course, we want our children to be able to use Bahasa Indonesia correctly and also to speak fluent  English. We all agree that today’s world is a global world; therefore through English, children will have Global Competence — where children are able to see broader issues,  respond to them properly, and act as they should,” closed Ms. Feby Melinda.

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